• Wellness Advocates must maintain a Loyalty Rewards order of 100PV+, every month of the qualification period or beginning the month following enrollment, if enrolled during the qualification period.
  • Wellness Advocate account must remain in good standing during qualification period.
  • Wellness Advocates can only win Grand Prize one time, and then are no longer eligible in future years.

How Points are Earned:

Points are earned based on the enrollment Point Calculator below. 

enrolling orderpoints received
100 - 249PV2
250 - 499PV3


If a Wellness Advocate enrolls with 100PV+, points can be earned for retention. Loyalty Reward orders must be 100PV+: 

monthpoints received


*100PV+ LRP orders must begin the month after enrollment for retention points to be earned. In order to earn full retention points, LRP orders must be placed the first and second months after enrollment.


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